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Mayism: what is it?

Mayism: what is it?

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To be a great leader, you need an ‘ism’; Thatcherism, Blairism etc. But what, we hear you ask, is ‘Mayism’? Much nonsense was bandied around by the commentariat prior to the General Election about what Mayism was. The very shaky Conservative election campaign has surely holed all that guff below the waterline. The DI team think we have now seen clearly what Mayism really is:

  • Bland words, little detail
  • Red Toryism – think Heath, even Major, but don’t ever use the Thatcher comparison
  • Small clique of inexperienced advisors who fall out with everyone and screw up often
  • Cult of (seemingly) no personality
  • Regular U-turns – the EU negotiating team will have been watching these closely
  • Thinking you can get away with it all because Corbyn is your opposition
  • Failing badly in the polls

Doesn’t look great, does it? And doesn’t bode well for negotiating a good Brexit deal, surely?